Pre-Wedding Photoshoot


What You Can Expect


The Scene

Guess what? Angkor Wat, one of the Seven Wonders of the World is not even the coolest temple in Siem Reap. The mystical city boast hundreds of temples with the notable Ta Prohm, Bayon, Banteay Srey and many more.



With the direct flights increased tremendously to the Kingdom of Wonder, it is easily accessible from any major airport hub in the region.



Expenses are relatively low as the city is very compact hence a high competition between the hotels, accommodation is relatively cheap in Siem Reap which comes with quality of course. It’s not expensive to go around with cheap car rental with our private chauffeur or catch a tuk-tuk to an point of the town.



The Khmer Empire dated back to 9th century, stepping on the temple will take you back to once a mighty empire that rules the region. Cambodia later became part of French Indochina in the 19th century and proclaimed its independence as a kingdom in 1953.


The People

You will meet a warm, friendly and eager person, something you must experience to understand this statement. While the cuisine it’s a mix of Thai and Vietnamese, it’s very flavorful and aromatic.


The Landscapes

While Siem Reap is the main highlights of the country, the Kingdom of Wonder do have the historical cit of Phnom Penh at Mekong river delta, Sihanoukville at the South Coast for the beaches, and Kampot for its mountainous backgrounds, a definite variations for your shots.


Save the hassle on taking cameramen on board, we do have professional team in Siem Reap that can do the shots
We suggest you to take your marriage document for a cheaper processing fee with the authority (for temple shots)
Make use of the extended limousine or helicopter ride to complete your unique shots
Try the traditional Cambodian outfit that will awe your wedding audience
Have a monk blessing ceremony for your long lasting marriage